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Informasi Khusus Celebrity Fitness;

Celebrity Fitness was founded by John Franklin in 2003, and

commenced operations in February 2004 with the opening of

Jakarta's groundbreaking EX club. The Celebrity Fitness name was

chosen for a reason: to convey that each member can exercise as if

they are a celebrity. The clubs are designed with Hollywood and

Beverly Hills' standards in mind, to pamper and give first quality

service to our members. Staying true to the entertainment

ambiance, Celebrity Fitness' venues are exclusive malls so that

members can conveniently shop, dine or go to the cinema after

working out in the gym.



Celebrity Fitness pioneered the concept of combining a fitness

center and entertainment ambiance in Indonesia. Moreover,

Celebrity Fitness contributes tremendously to the increased

awareness of health and fitness in its operating markets today.

Celebrity's gym experience proved hugely popular, prompting the

group to expand its gym network in Jakarta and grow overseas

(starting in 2005 with the 1 Utama club in Kuala Lumpur). As the

premier regional fitness center, Celebrity Fitness constantly pushes

to provide the best service to its members by tailoring programs

and offerings for our members' satisfaction.


In December 2007, Navis Capital Partners ("Navis") united with

Celebrity Fitness. Navis contributes its various resources to assist

Celebrity Fitness as it expands its product offerings in its existing

markets and abroad.


Celebrity Fitness is the fastest growing fitness company in Asia with

41,000 active members in Jakarta alone. The clubs in Surabaya,

Kuala Lumpur and Penang have been getting enthusiastic, positive

feedback from members. Celebrity Fitness enjoys its image as a

trendy destination for the vigorous, urban and cosmopolitan

community and will continue to strive to provide a multitude of high

quality, exciting, and entertaining work-out experiences to our

members—no matter what their fitness levels are. Celebrity Fitness

launched India with the club at JMD Mall Gurgaon, and will continue

to develop the organization and expand our gym network in the

near future.


From mission Celebrity Fitness :


At Celebrity Fitness we sincerely believe in the importance of

fitness. Providing easy, entertaining, and convenient methods

coupled with quality service for our members to achieve and sustain

a healthy lifestyle is our ongoing mission.


Locations Celebrity Fitness :



~ Jabodetabek ~
fX (Lifesyle X’nter): 2555 4288
EX-Plaza Indonesia: 08159972342
La Piazza: 4585 3838
Saberro House Kemang: 7180 550
Pondok Indah Mall: 7507929
Pluit Junction: 666 07 333
Puri Indah Mall: 5815577
The Belleza: 53670099
Supermal Karawaci: 546 2211
Central Park: 569 85 400 *NEW!*
Metropolitan Mal: 8885 2222
Botani Square: 8400 663
Teras Kota: 300 25 888 *NOW OPEN!*

~ Surabaya ~
Plaza Tunjungan 4: 535 0700
Mall Galaxy: 599 9997
Supermall Pakuwon Indah: 739 0123


~ Klang Valley ~
1 Utama: 7718 8000
Subang Parade: 5163 3000
Bangsar Village 2: 2092 8000
Mid Valley: 2295 0008 *NOW OPEN!*
Sunway Pyramid: 7494 0220 *NOW OPEN!*
Lot 10: 2145 1000 *NOW OPEN!*
Wangsa Maju (Pre-sale): 4027 5000 *NEW!*

~ Penang ~
Gurney Plaza: 222 8000


~ Gurgaon ~
JMD Arcade Mall: 460 7800


~ Istanbul ~
Dalmaz Center: 265 7775 *NOW OPEN!*
Klik,this is adress website Celebrity Ftness.